Free Wealth Management Event (Online)

The Dutch company, Beleggingsinstituut, organizes an online webinar for especially Chinese/Dutch investors.


Date: 19:30 – 18 may
Place: Online

During this webinar, our coach will explain the importance of the following points:


A Dutch investment authority, the founder of the biggest institution

André was recently chosen by a public jury of 15,000 investors as the best investment expert in the Netherlands. He is the director and owner of the largest independent training institute (Beleggingsinstituut) for investors. In particular, the institute provides private investors with education, information, and coaching.
He achieved impressive results with his investment method, even in the crisis years, which he has already taught to move than 25,000 investors.

Regularly featuring in Dutch financial media

He is a five-time winner of the largest national investors debate and is known for RTLZ and DFT.

A Professional Expert and a Real Investor

André has 35 years of international experience as an investor, stock trader and hedge fund manager. He worked for Reuters, van der Moolen and was one of the first TransTrend employees.

He has his own alternative investment fund, in which investors can participate from €100,000. His trading philosophy is based on realizing steady absolute returns with highly effective risk management.

André Brouwers